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English: plastibell circumcision day 5 postope...

English: plastibell circumcision day 5 postoperative (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fy for den! Etisk Råds formand mangler etisk dybde (Yeiks! The Chairman of the Ethical Council lacks ethical depth) by Kasper Gade & Joachim Robert member and Chairman of the Atheist Society 12/17/2012
Omskæring ofte værre for drenge end piger (Circumcision often Worse for Girls than for Boys) by Professor Morten Frisch, Berlingske Tidende 08/10/2012
Kan du give mig min forhud tilbage?
(Can you give me back my Foreskin?) by Leo Milgrom, Politiken 07/28/2012
Etisk Råds formand forsvarer omskæring af drenge
(Chairman of Etchical Council Defends Circumcision of Boys) by Jakob Sheikh, Politiken 08/05/2012
Omskåret radiovært: “Det er den rene tortur”
(Circumcised Radiohost: “It it Pure Torture”) by Kjeld Koplev, Politiken 07/18/2012
Grabberne væk fra forhuden
(Paws off the Foreskin) Christian Graugaard, Politiken 08/31/2012
Ny dansk forskning: Omskæring af drenge kan have alvorlige følger
(New Danish Scientific Reseach: Circumcision of Boys may have Serious Consequences) by Nilas Heinskou, Politiken 07/18/2012
Forbud mod omskæring af drenge udløser fælles religiøs front
(Ban on Circumcision provokes Religious Coalition) Michael Seidelin, Paris, Politiken 07/16/2012
Muslimsk socialdemokrat forsvarer omskæring
(Muslim Socialdemocrat defends circumcision) Jacob Hvide Beim, Politiken 07/22/2012
Danmark skal ikke forbyde omskæring
(Denmark should not ban circumcision) Editorial, Politiken 07/24/2012
Store partier vil forbyde omskæring af drenge
(Big Parties wish to Ban Circumcision of Boys) Morten Mikkelsen, Kristeligt Dagblad 07/18/2012


Germany approves bill to protect male circumcision LocalNet (AP) 2012
Tyskland vedtager lov som tillader omskæring
(Germany passes law allowing circumcision) Ritzau 12/12/2012
Im Bundestag beschlossen – Beschneidung bleit erlaubt (Decided in Parlament – Circumcision remains Allowed) Der Tagesspiegel 12/12/2012
Jewish Filmmaker Influences German Debate on Forced Religious Circumcision of Boys
pressrelease, PRmaximus 11/23/2012


Grace Adeleye guilty of killing baby in botched circumcision BBC News 12/12/2012

Salford nurse accused of Oldham baby’s manslaughter after ‘botched’ circumcision defends method
Manchester Evening News 12/05/2012


An Insight into the Denmark Circumcision Debate
by Lena Nyhus, The Jerusalem Post 10/15/2012 (They’re responsible for the headline, not I)
Gemany debates proposal to protect circumcision
by The Forward, Haaretz 10/09/2012
Assault on Jewish Customs in Scandinavia
by Magnus Frank, The Jerusalem Post 10/08/2012 NOTICE! The insightful comment by Nur Beier
Denmark to probe whether circumcision violates healthcode
by JTA 08/26/2012


Let Boys Decide at 16 Whether to be Circumcised – Room for Debate by Holm Putzke, The New York Times 11/07/2012
Op-Ed: The ‘Nazi-Jew’ appears in anti-circumcision comic ‘Foreskin Man’
by Hailey Dilman, Digital Journal 06/07/2011
Adult circumcision drive to fight AIDS faces resistance
by Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times 11/29/2012
The Plastibell Lie By Robin Vaughn-Bortolus, Saving Our Sons 2012
Myths about circumcision you likely believe  by Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D. in Moral Landscapes, Psychology Today 09/11/2011


Government scales up HIV preventive programmes NewsDay 12/03/2012
Govt sharpens knives for forced circumcision NewsDay 12/01/2012
Men fear circumcision NewsDay 11/24/2012


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