On the uglyness of trolls and what to do about them

Since becoming an intactivist I find myself encountering a particular breed of human being, which I’ve never met or even heard about before. In lack of a better word I’ll call them trolls, but I expect that some of them … Continue reading

Congratulatons! It’s a…. uhm… congratulations…

By Lena Nyhus

“Congratuations, it’s a girl and she’s perfect.” Those are the words we want to hear, when we welcome  brand-sparkling-new-born-baby into this world. Or a boy for that matter, “Congratulations. it’s a boy.” works just as well. In our minds it’s simple; there are two genders and all could be well or something could be wrong.


But what about those rare occasions when all is well and something is entirely wrong? Sometimes children are born Continue reading

Intersexuality, transsexuality and all the other possibilities – a challenge of perception

by Lena Nyhus

English: From the female and male symbols. Int...

I have always felt strongly about the plight of intersexual people or hermaphrodites as their were called, when I grew up. I have only ever spoken to very few. I have no idea about how frequently it happens, that children are born with genitals that are different from the norm of either female or male. I don’t know anything about how often it happens that people are born into bodies that appear to belong to one gender, but actually feel as the opposite gender either. I’m simply uninformed about these things. One thing I do know Continue reading