Just a Snip – the blog

(Danish version below)

Just A Snip is a blog opposing genital mutilation world wide. Founded by Lena Nyhus (IQvixen) in early December 2012 the hope is to give the world a window into the ongoing circumcision debate in Denmark and vice versa.

The title ‘Just A Snip’ is an ironical tip of the hat to the most common pro-circumcision argument that completely ignores the fact the victims are forcibly amputated and looses highly sensitive protective tissue on their reproductive and sexual organs.

‘Just a snip’ eller som det har været udtrykt på dansk ‘Bare et lille niv i tissemanden) er et ironisk tip med hatten til det mest udbredte argument for omskæring eller rettere kønslemlæstelse, for med den kommentar ignoreres fuldstændigt det faktum at ofrene ufrivilligt får amputeret højt specialiseret meget følsomt væv til beskyttelse af af deres reproduktions- og sexorganer.

Lena Nyhus @IQvixen

Humanist. Intactivist. Atheist. Secularist. Pro-sex feminist. Maker of videos and texts that makes your mouth water. Have a taste, go on. You know you want to.

So why do I blog and debate about genital mutilation (so-called circumcision)? Well, it’s simple really. There is absolutely no solid independent research to suggest that genital mutilation has any positive health effects on the contrary, studies suggest that a massive number of children subjected to genital mutilation suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder later in life as well as sexual difficulties for both them and their partners.

Oh, did I forget to mention the horrible amount of children world-wide being harmed or even killed every year as a result of botched procedures?

The right to an intact unharmed body is a basic human right – regardless of gender, cultural background or parents religion.


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