On Circumcision: Own it, mark it, brand your thing

M. Thomas FrederiksenM. Thomas Frederiksen has graciously agreed to share his story and a poem about it with Just a Snip‘s readers…

As a two day old neonate, I was strapped into a circumstraint, to have my genitals ritually mutilated. This was done by and at the insistence of a doctor. He used me as a thing, a means to his own ends—what ever they may have been. I have feelings about that.

Two day old neonate
It is not yet a person
Have your way with it

Two day old neonate
You decide as you own it
Have your way with it

Two day old neonate
Own it, mark it, brand your thing
Have your way with it

Two day old neonate
Help yourself to it’s penis
Have your way with it

Two day old neonate
When does it become a him?
What will he think then?

Join M. Thomas Frederiksen‘s Facebook group Intactivist Haiku to experience the poetry he and others create as a response to their ordeal.


One thought on “On Circumcision: Own it, mark it, brand your thing

  1. What about an organized resistance more forceful than ever seen? Or the genital mutilation is all just about submission and the criminals that do this on the helpless win in the end and submission is installed in to those victims? Not sure. I was not violated on like this so I must think differently. This is a madness, a mental illness in humans to do such a thing to a child. What is wrong with you humanity as a whole? Where is this all heading when so many mentally ill? And I can’t see it any other way but a mental illness of some kind. Ignorance is the evil of humanity. What are those 75% that not cut doing? Think about some stupid movie or play some stupid sports like if that is the meaning of the Universe? I am pissed even if no damage was done to my reproductive. I am pissed because humans in general are very ignorant species. Perhaps I am influenced to much by rational philosophers like Nietzsche, Locke, Kant, Einstein and others I trained my mind on since the age of 15, and want everyone to be rational……..people are so tuned in to each other and this the problem. Nobody to teach the right stuff. children grow up to be ignorant and dancing to the music of human doctrines and so we have dumb religions that warship Gods created in the image of man, wars and millions dead over what god is the right one , this human animal will become a retarded animal when it submit to the crowds. few think and invent thinks like computers or nuclear fission and the dumb animal come and kill each other over some ill ideas……….this genital mutilation done on children is like a mirror that reflect how dumb this human creature can become. This is a cosmic age , many humans think big, but the majority just do not listen. And life, all life on the Earth suffer. Its not just genital mutilations done to boys and girls. It is a duty of all with the right intellect to declare war on ignorance in a very forceful ways. If not humans will self destruct. The story of Jesus is largely a fiction but if in part true he rather go to cross than to stay silent. Bruno rather go to the stake to be burned on the stake than to reject the idea that our Sun is one out of endless others and life out there is not limited just to the Earth. Socrates rather drink hemlock and die than to reject his ideas to please those in power. We that know must do war on ignorance or there will be no hope for the future.

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