Circumcision: Denmarks most Prominent Muslim says no

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The Danish circumcision debate is moving forward at a fast pace. A recent representative poll shows that a vast majority of the population is in favour of legislation. The idea is to impose an age restriction on circumcision which would allow the adult to make the decision for himself at age 18+.

Only 12% of the populations oppose legislation. The main reasons being that they consider an age restriction on circumcision to be an infringement on the parent’s right to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children as well as an infringement on the parent’s religious freedom. The religious freedom of the children seem to be of less importance.

Intact Denmark’s strategy has been to put circumcision on the map both politically and media-wise by focussing on respectful and fact-based dialogue and education of the public and politicians. During the past year approximately 300 articles, opinion pieces and radio/TV shows about the issue has been published. Many of them due to Intact Denmarks involvement in the debate.

Even more important has been Intact Denmark’s decision to give the debate a face, or to be precise; faces.

In Europe circumcision is extremely rare and primarily performed in the Muslim and Jewish minority groups. That makes the debate very easy to confuse with discrimination.

That’s where the faces come in. Intact Denmark has resolved to show Denmark’s public, politicians and the world that many from circumcision cultures have begone to oppose the tradition.

This interview with Naser Khader, Denmarks most prominent Muslim, a former member of the national parliament, Folketinget, and a Senior Fellow at Hudson University is part of a series of testemonials from men and women from circumcision cultures.


2 thoughts on “Circumcision: Denmarks most Prominent Muslim says no

  1. Indeed, Naser Khader talks a lot about circumcision. That has a certain entertainment value. Something missing? Wait a minute … YES: unfortunately, he is not against circumcision!

    He is not at all fighting against any ritual mutilation on minors (17 and younger … “which would allow the adult to make the decision for himself at age 18+”).

    He does NOT say: “My dear Danish Muslim citizens, please stop khitân now, please don’t circumcise your boys any more!”

    He does NOT say: “Dear fellow politicians, let us declare circumcision on a boy below the age of eighteen years is illegal!”

    NO, Naser Khader just TALKS ABOUT Danish nice religions and Danish nice foreskins. Meanwhile, day for day, Danish circumcizers circumcize.

    He has a homepage, a facebook account – Khader writes NOTHING about a strong personal burning desire immediately to stop circumcision.

    What a fine, circumcision-related hot-air artism. Danish Mister Talkabout. Very bad for the boy’s right of an intact genital.

    “Lad os stå sammen om et forbud mod ikke-medicinsk begrundet omskæring af alle børn under 18 år.”

  2. Nice to see a more thoughtful approach represented here. Living in the now, in a human way, with time-sensitive feelings, ‘dynamic,’ as he says, makes the overall acceptance of “faith” more likely.

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