Anti-circumcision thank you note


N. sent me this beautiful note in response to reading my piece An Insight into the Danish Circumcision Debate, which was published in the Jerusalem Post 15. October 2012.

I am proud and happy to receive messages like this one. Every single one of them are treasured and help carry me through the sometimes very uncomfortable accusations of anti-Semitism, hate for Muslims etc. which are an inevitable companion to debating circumcision in Europe, where the procedure is only performed by Jewish and Muslim minorities.

Needless to say, I am not a xenophobe. In fact I simply wish to protect children from genital mutilation regardless of gender, cultural background or parents religion.

The very first time I learned, that I had actually help protect a child from circumcision was when another man from a Muslim background wrote to me about his son. Read Umut’s touching letter here. It makes me tear up every single time I read it. But hey! maybe that’s just me.


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