Circumcision without medical indication is mutilation

Circumcision without medical indication is mutilation. The message from the Danish Society of Family Physicians is unmistakable: electory surgery on non-consenting minors must end.

Skærmbillede 2014-01-18 kl. 14.47.03The statement has been put forward in connection with a hearing by the Danish National Board of Health about guidelines regarding circumcision of minors.

The full wording is: “The National Board of Health has sent Guidelines Regarding Circumcision of Boys into hearing. DSAM (Danish Society of Family Physicians) has debated the issue and agreed that circumcision may only be performed when medical indication is present. Circumcision in the absence of a medical indication is mutilation.”

The stance against circumcision from DSAM is the latest in a series of clear statements from respected Danish and Scandinavian organisations.

Soon the Danish National Parliament will have no option than to ban genital mutilation of healthy boys. Adults who understands the consequences and risks regarding the procedure should of course be allowed the freedom to decide for them whether or not they want the procedure.


16 thoughts on “Circumcision without medical indication is mutilation

  1. So much anger in me. Why? I was born in Central Europe, and I was left as Nature intended it, why should I care, why should this anger spoil my days? I was alone on this when I started to write to my future wife almost 11 years ago, no computer, no information of any kind in America on this. I was shy to write about this to Maria but could not be silent, in almost each of my long letters I had to mention indirectly, with different words and the more I was thinking about it I came to new ideas on why it is very wrong and harmful, not just to man but to a woman even more. Than came the computer, Intact America and more and I discovered that I was not alone on this and I started to be more bold and send all kinds of prints from the computer to Maria and she would bring those to places with many people and hang it so people would read it. 8 years later we met and today we have a beautiful 2 year old baby boy her first child, a 32 year old virgin, no harm, in just a week of our first meeting. We would not have that baby or not so quick if I be mutilated like most of man in USA. Perhaps one of the reasons for my anger is that I know what all those baby victims will miss in their future love life, done to them by force, unable to consent, resist, fight of, by a so called professionals who study for years about all the functions on the human body and none of them will ever ask, for what purpose would Nature cover that internal organ? It will become rough in time when it meets the female cervix, they do not get it that sooner or later it will do harm? America is leading in cervical cancer, why not Finland where there is almost zero mutilations? But my biggest anger is because it is done on humans that are unable to consent. A violent child sexual abuse done by a doctor legally.

  2. My foreskin was cut off at the instigation of an ignorant doctor, although it was shortly before the formation of the National Health Service. When I was at school, 1951 to 1962, I noticed first that some boys were cut, some weren’t. But it was only when I was about 12 that another, intact, boy told me my foreskin had been cut off. But by 1989, when my intact son was at school, the nurse told me that only one out of about 200 boys on her casebook had been cut. Sex was never as good as it could have been, not surprising that since the Meissner’s corpuscles were all gone and my glans was dried up. Since 2006 I have not orgasmed in intercourse so I have missed out there. Circumcision IS emasculation, no matter what the cutters may claim.

    • Keith you story really make me angry. Thank you for that. People that are effected by this must speak up, do not let those ignorant continue this by your silence. Do not let them get away by a silence.What really piss me of about the human mind is that it will copy others no matter how stupid in can be, the many win over the few that ask. If you do not do as they are,or do, they lough, putting pressure on you, and the mother let the doctor do the mutilation and he stay silent, he is usually cut also and do not wish to rock the boat, just care for the profits. Hate those doctors, they should know better than anyone else. The time is coming and this will be punishable by law. But first we must speak out. I was not cut but I am perhaps more angry than those that are cut because I know what they are missing.

  3. And by the way Keith I am 2 years older than you are and still have fun and do babies each day when my wife wish so. We want to have more children when she get her permit to emigrate to Canada. Because of a bad typhoon and damage done, it slow us down in this, we already have a baby, we ignored the papers and the boy needs the father. This is really criminal and nothing less than criminal that one million of baby boys each year are still being mutilated in the United States of America for profit , pure stupidity, ignorance or whatever.

  4. We have laws against injuring other people, even people who have a penis only a few days or years old, but getting the lawmakers to enforce them is the problem. A tiny minority of cutting religionists easily overcome the huge number of intact people who will not defend the children. It is strange that hundreds of thousands will sign an online petition to save badgers or elephants, but only hundreds sign a petition to preserve the genital integrity of children.

    • I Denmark that’s not quite the case, because when a hasn’t been enforced for a given period of time a clause about common practise comes into play.

      That means that because Jews and in the later years Muslims have performed circumcisions in Denmark for 450 years without being prosecuted, it’s somewhat legal and trial might end with aquittal.

      Therefore we need legislative protection of all children’s bodily integrity, not just that of the girls.

      – Lena

      • If a law can be enacted to protect little girls, a law can be enacted to protect little boys, even if both types of mutilation have been overlooked for centuries.

      • That’s not quite what happened under Danish law.

        Because the legislation regarding general violence and/or mutilation had not been used for at least 450 years with regards to genital mutilation, it was not possible to lean on that in the FGM contaxt.

        That’s why a new law was passed – several actually. By 2003 girls where protected from FGM regardless of whether the were cut in Denmark or abroad. That legislation – however – specifically excludes boys.

        Under current Danish law, boys are not protected and we cannot enact existing laws for the sake of the boys.

        That will not stop us. We work for new laws to be passed to protect the boys and we are very very close.

        With the help of the general public, the medical community, human rights organisations and intactivists from all over the world we are moving forward with giant steps, I am proud to report. Amazing, isn’t it?

        – Lena

    • Keith in America it is not so much because of religion but mainly because the doctors were pushing it on parents for over 100 years. And today its still over a billion dollar industry from a million victims cut each year and selling the stolen tissues from the helpless victims to industries like cosmetic and other uses.

  5. I am British, with a hint of Scandinavian it seems, so well placed to get Europe a mutilation-free zone. Perhaps even get the backward American cutters brought to heel.

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