Question: Circumcised or intact penis?

Found on Facebook, the author has chosen to remain anonymous, but we post it with his permission. This was his answer to the question “Are you circumcised or intact and how do you feel about it?”



I am not going to lie. I am posting here because this subject is so sensitive to me. Friends who know me, especially those who have seen me in the buff, wonder why I care so much about keeping boys intact, when it’s “not my problem.”

Why? Let me tell you why.

Here in America, we have a culture who have been convinced that circumcision is a good idea, for whatever reason, negating reason and logic over tradition and misinformation from the medical field.

First, there’s the locker room argument… “He will be made fun of because he is different.”

Myth. And even if so, all he would have to say is “Hey, I have all of my penis. I could always change that later if I want. Can you?” Yes, I had apprehensively revealed myself in the locker room, knowing the majority around me lacked foreskin. In fact, I “trained” my foreskin to stay retracted to avoid confrontation. I did so much harm in doing that. I had such a moist glans beforehand, it started to callous up and desensitize from abrasion on clothing. I know exactly what circumcised men would lose in this regard alone, regarding sensitivity.

“The glans is the most sensitive part anyway.” Myth.

Of all of the parts of my penis, the glans is the least sensitive. For me, the sensitivity is largely with the ridged band. I could get myself off in just a minute, and never require lubricant or toys of any kind. Wait a minute – doesn’t that make you a premature ejaculator? No. Because of the sensation of my foreskin, I can control when to finish. Circumcised guys would never have this benefit as the neurological pathways for contiguous sensitivity are severed. Thus, premature ejaculation can be a problem with circumcised guys – if they can get off from intercourse at all.

“The penis is so dirty.” Myth.

Really? I shower at least once a day. I can’t think of a time in my life where I’ve dealt with dirt on my penis. Seriously? Scat back, rinse with water… Done.

“He will have all of these problems like UTIs”. Myth.

Yeah… You know that the foreskin is fused to the glans at birth for a reason, right? The reason is because the glans is protected from foreign body entry, including feces. It is a one-way mechanism. Forced retraction (improper intact care) causes the UTI risk to increase. But, UTIs are still seen frequently with circumcised children in diapers because there is nothing there to protect the urethra. Clean the penis like you would a finger, until retraction age (will happen on it’s own). Then, use only water on anything not normally exposed. That is mucosa. You don’t use soap on inner lips or inside female genitals, right? Think “chapping”. Improper intact care is the number one cause for foreskin “issues”.

“Women will hate it.” Myth.

I read a poll that 82% of women who have experienced both prefer intact. Why? It is sex as nature intended. All mammals have foreskin. No extra lubrication is necessary. Nobody is in pain. No “jackhammering” necessary for the guy to finish, or the girl to have an orgasm. The ridged band allows auxiliary stimulation for her. Circumcised guys generally do not have this. This is why ribbed condoms exist.

“He will have problems later if you don’t do it.” Myth.

I and countless others (over 85% globally) have had no issues. The only problem is that doctors are offering this procedure as they do any other service – mostly, because they make money off of it, which allows them to be blissfully ignorant about any possible repercussions. Besides, it’s not the doctor’s problem. The doctor is just “doing what he is told.”

Summary: My foreskin is my favorite penis part, which has over 80% of the sensitivity that I’ve come to enjoy for years. My penis isn’t a “dirty anteater”. It doesn’t have disease, and I am most definitely not considering changing a single thing about it. In fact, as an intact man the only thing I could really ask for is more foreskin – mine isn’t all that long (the “tool” is, but it’s protective cover is “sized to fit”, for lack of a more PC way to describe it.) As a good friend of mine said to me, the foreskin is not the candy wrapper – it is the candy. The tragic thing is that this largely perpetuates because circumcised guys do not know what they may be missing. It really bothers me.

I was born in 1984 Midwest United States, if it matters.


14 thoughts on “Question: Circumcised or intact penis?

  1. My husband is circumcised. He was born in 1981 in Washington DC. The cut rate when these two men were born was almost 100%. My mother in law told me that they didn’t even ask her. It was just something that was ‘done’. He has struggled all his life with problems caused by circumcision. He has taken the ‘little blue pill’ since he was 27 years old. On top of being circumcised, he also has cerebral palsy. You cannot know at birth what health issues your son may have later. Circumcising a boy who suffers from CP was probably the worst thing that could’ve been done. My husband actually informed me that I would not be circumcising my son. No medical agency in the world condones circumcision. Only 15% of the world is even circumcised. Why would I want my son to look different from everyone else? I mean, come on, it’s not like we sit around comparing genitals anyways. I posted this exact post on my facebook. A friend of a friend commented on it… This is what he said: “I’m circumsised and i have no problems with anything and yes i do make women orgasm and never had any sexual problems so to me it’s all bs”. Notice first, the misspelling of circumcised. I hate making fun of people’s spelling but the idea of ‘if you can’t spell it, you haven’t researched it’ comes to mind. Notice second, the ‘no problems with anything’, from this young man’s picture, he is rather young and no I would not expect any problems at this age. Give it time, dear. Notice third, ‘i do make women orgasm’, my husband also makes me orgasm but he also makes me bleed, makes me sore, and dries me out. And last, goes back to second, ‘never had any sexual problems to so me it’s all bs’, cognitive dissonance. My penis works so it’s all a lie.

    • CAN-FAP the Canadian Foreskin Awareness project has shown in his own masturbation video using the 5 most sensitive areas lost to circumcision that each area is capable of orgasm and easily done consecutively with the same erection in minutes with copious ejaculate as well. In other words Glen Callender has shown circumcised men have lost with their foreskin, their ability for multi orgasms. I was intactivist demonstrating in New York Times Square and talked to two men, friends, turns out one is intact the other cut. The intact man agreed he is multi orgasmic and the cut guy was shocked that this was taken from him.

    • This mutilation on millions of boys will be prohibited in time because of all the computer info. But in the meantime if I be a doctor that do this mutilations on future man I would fear to get harmed by one of those man. When there was no info. it was not a problem couples did not know what they were missing but today we have a different picture emerging and all those millions mutilated man just do nothing? Not even one? That would be a miracle.Glad I was not cut that would cause me to do some crazy act I think.

      • As much as I understand your outrage Paul, I have to state, that I do not condone violence in any way, shape or form.

        It is an infringement of a persons inalienable human rights and the exact action I am trying to prevent by opposing circumcision of the healthy child, which cannot per definition give informed consent.

  2. I appreciated this. My son is circumcised and it still makes me angry because I made all of these arguments to my circumcised husband and he was the one adement that it had to be done. I have had people tell me that I should have chosen my son over my husband but I think that is naive. Really, divorce my husband because he wants his son to be cut like he is? I won’t take it that far but I will keep telling him how wrong I think it is.

  3. Thank you very much for giving us this elaborate educative information about the foreskin.Personally as I was reading this article initially I thought that it was given from the African perspective,and almost concluded that my fellow Africans are already learning to know the functions of an organ they have always been taught to dispose off in an effort to make them adults even when they are as young as 4 years old.

    I didn’t see you mention the HIV/AIDS myth concerning the foreskin removal and the risk reduction of the disease,meaning that the foreskin-AIDS relationship is only found in Africa,when HIV/AIDS is a global disaster.

    Now my question is,”Does the color of a foreskin determine its functions?”

  4. Nice to see truth in all aspects. As a lucky 65 year old American, every day brings new perspective to these truths. In younger days, I was fortunate to have held many women. After children, the desire for female company is lessened, as the truly sexy ones are younger, supple and sensitive, beyond my reach. The response of my foreskin never ceases to amaze me, and sex with a stream of water is ecstatic and varied beyond human participation. When the temperature of the nearby river is right, the orgasmic state may be extended to hours with ejaculations that last 30 seconds or more. The difference between cut and intact is not a simple numerical difference, it is exponential.

  5. Very well written and informative. Everything you mention is what I have seen in my intact partners. As a circumcised man, I have had more UTIs than any intact man I have ever met (they have all had NONE!). Talk about feeling “different” from others in the locker room! Try sporting a botched circumcision all your life… How I would have loved to have been teased for being intact instead! Sadly, I’ll never know that feeling.

  6. Very few men, if left intact as children, will ever want, or need, to have his foreskin cut of. So why does it still happen? Superstition, greed, and ignorance, are only some of the excuses.

  7. I was circumcised at birth, and due to that I invested years and years of research in understanding the defects and alterations to my brain and personality caused by the incident. the permanent damage included severe anti-social, schezophrenia, bi-polar disorder severe ADD and maybe lately what I seem to be detecting are mild aspergers… it’s scary that the only cure to the condition are hours of meditation and the use of heavy substances. including pain killers and anti-stress medication. I also have arrethmia which may or may not be related to the case..

    Origins.. I come from a genetically perfect family, doctors engineers and pilots. and my studies involved a lot of statistics and analysis of various instances of the world. due to my underfunded circumstances I was not able to preserve most of my work being in it’s digital nature. most conclusions were written down and carried over towards further research.

    Wishes of dying are a daily factor, but the will to live and overcome always wins.

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