A man’s point of view on circumcision

Eddy Cameron

A man’s point of view on circumcision.

I truly envy you Ladies. You’re Federally protected from female genital mutilation (FGM) in the United States, I am not. You have all your bits, I do not. I wonder what it feels like to be able to feel everything while I struggled to feel anything.

And yet, you can sit there, typing, with a straight face, extolling the benefits of male genital mutilation.

Remember that these are only words, and my words at that. They cannot harm you. They cannot change your way of life. These words of mine and cannot make you angry unless you choose to be angry or angered by them. I am not here to tell you your business. I am not here to shame you. I really cannot unless you choose to feel shamed. Honestly. Think about it. Again, these are just words. This is my point of view. This what I live with every day as an adult.

I was taught from the third day of life that I have no dominion over my own body. Since I was born male, my prepuce was automatically separated, cut and removed from my body. I don’t remember it per se, at least not like I remember my commute to work today, or that first crush in middle school, or that snail I tried to eat while I played in the garden alongside my mother. But I see the physical scar every day. An anular scar, quite pronounced around the penile shaft and the remainder of the skin forward from that scar looks like it was burned where my prepuce was fused to my glans. It is ugly. Of course, you may feel genitalia is ugly regardless and of course beauty is subjective, but this appendage I am left with is truly ugly. Mutilated ugly. Violated ugly. Forever altered to conform to societal norms in these United States ugly. Ugly is refusing to question. Ugly is bull headed. Ugly is both ignorant and ignorance.

All I want to do is spare this child, maybe even your child from circumcision, a cosmetic procedure that I was subjected to as a neonate simply but for the mere fact that a box was checked on a consent form.

Here are few items to ponder. You can question them all you want but their validity remains unchanged.

1) Every mammal on this Earth, both male and female, has a foreskin
2) Roughly 80% of the world’s men are living today, as I type, with their whole foreskin, just as they were born
3) Ladies, you too have a foreskin, called the clitoral hood.
4) Female Circumcision was perfectly legal to practice in the United States until 1997, just 16 years ago. (see HR 941 from the 104th congress)

Circumcision is often debated on Facebook. Some of the many venues are maternity groups and in that context many women will argue that they alone as parents enjoy the right to decide on circumcision of their children. Eddy is one of many intactivists who frequently join in on the debates. He has the courage to share his own personal story of genital mutilation in order to help prevent children of today from suffering the way he does.


40 thoughts on “A man’s point of view on circumcision

  1. I am so sorry for your wounding. I understand this issue in every way except YOUR point of view because I am not a victim/survivor of it. I have spoken actively and publicly in support of men’s rights to their whole body and the right of every child to be secure in their person. I will continue to speak until it ends and all children are protected. I am so sorry you were not.

  2. Please keep sharing!!!! I would have been an ignorant “sheeple” of a mother who thought it was medically necessary, and fallen prey to the mainstream American model of care had someone not said something to me. Three girls later, I carry a boy now who will MOST DEFINATELY will be left normal/intact. (My husband is cut BTW). Men out there – keep sharing, keep talking and moms start the dialogue – you never know how far one voice can reach!

    • I was not damaged in this way after my birth, lucky I was not born in good old USA the land of the free?… but in Czech Republic……….well if an individual do not have a right to his body in USA because of age is this the land of the free? Anyway why should I be bothered with this? Well I am. It is my consciousness. Long before I had a computer and before Intact America existed I started to ask myself why people would do such a thing but no answer in American books, magazines or news media so one day I just asked ” but why Nature, for what purpose would She put it on all human males? and in time She would tell me what mankind would not. And today I still ask questions like is it possible that the high rate of cervical cancer in USA is in part due to genital mutilation? Nature cover the glans for one major thing and that is so the cervix do not get damaged beside the glans nerve sensors and so on. Why is it that Finland is half of the of the USA cervical cancer cases? Finland man is not cut so why not more of this cancer? Is it in part because of couples do experience better sex there and so less cheating? Not sure but years ago I knew that unprotected glans must become rough and not as sensitive sooner or later and that is not intended by Nature. What is more important mans ideas or Nature …….the Creator of all things ideas?…….. or whatever that Ultimate Reality for existence is……

    • Glad to know that some in America start to wake up. growing up in in Czech Republic under the communist I admired you so much America. And than I moved to this continent started to read English and learned that American baby boys are circumcised. At first I did not know what that is. In California I listened to Dr. Dean Edell who opposed that but still I did not get it, it was not real. It took me years to slowly absorb such a bizarre act. It can not be this is 21 st century why would anyone cut of the most sensitive part on boys body? In America? No way. A guy who lived on the second floor was telling me what kind of a lubricant he use with his girl ” Do not use Petroleum Jelly” he told me.Did not get it. Lubricant for what? Even if a girl is dry. Its the glans covers that prevent friction. But I did not ask or said nothing. I did not know he did not have the covers ( hate to call it a foreskin, its not a skin) You America put me down. The more I realized what is done here to totally helpless people, by force , without their approval, the more I was disgusted with your ignorance Americans.Your founders that gave you liberty to the individual and look what you some 150 years later started to do to that individual. And not just boys. Girls as well. You become a nation of pedophiles in the worst possible way. A child molesting, the rapist even they do not cut parts from their victims genitals. And you still do it legally, your very own doctors protected by law not to be punished for damaging your children reproductive . And still over a million new victims each year. 10 million in 10 years. 100 years from now there still will be some sexually mutilated man alive in America.A reminder of the past insanity in this nation.

  3. As a young teenage single mother, I birthed my first son. I had only known one intact male throughout my sexual experience, and never really thought much about circumcision. My childs father was cut and by default he would have had his son cut. I never even considered it. All I knew was that it wasn’t mine to decide. I wouldn’t pierce or tattoo my child either. He was perfect, if males were not supposed to have foreskin they wouldn’t have been born with it. I remember my mother bringing up the topic ( she was anti circ) and seeming surprised when she didn’t have to convince me to leave him whole.

    Over the years I have become a strong intactivist, and can spout all the facts we rely on to convince others but when it really comes down to it… it isn’t mine, I don’t get to decide what to do with it is still the core of my belief.

    By the way, thank you for sharing your side. it’s a viewpoint I rarely get to hear.

    Mother to 3 wonderfully whole children. A beautiful daughter and 2 amazing sons.

  4. Yes, please keep sharing. Maybe you can only save a baby here and there, but they’ll add up. I know a man’s personal story is what prompted me to question all that I thought I knew, and it ultimately saved my son from it. He is now almost 5 and perfectly healthy and happy and WHOLE!

  5. Both of my (adult) sons are intact. I was stubborn, my mother “recommended” it be done, but I refused. I believe that now many insurances won’t cover it because it is unneccesary, is that correct?

    • Congratulations to both you and your sons for your stubbornness. 🙂

      You’re right about the insurances. They wont cover it because it’s unnecessary and because so many boys need reoperations and long term treatments due to complications. Not cutting into the boys to begin with, is simply the easier solution.

      – Lena Nyhus

  6. I have 3 boys, no snips. I’ve met lots of guys who wondered what it would have been like had they not been circumcised. Not one of the uncircumcised men I know would have it any other way. Case closed.

    • I have two adult intact sons who told me in childhood that the foreskin was the best part. They could not and cannot believe that doctors are allowed to cut on babies. Their friends are questioning why this was done to them and wish they, too, were left intact. Case closed.

  7. I am sorry for your scar and your body being robbed of something so important. I am the momma of 5 intact sons and one hubby. I try every day to tell other mommas it is not necessary and I have even started showing links for restoration. Keep on educating. You are saving baby boys.

  8. Eddy, I feel for you. Like you, I was circumcised on my third day in this world. I have no idea what I’m missing, but intellectually I know I’m missing a lot. Here I am, a 62-year-old man who has yet to have a full and satisfying sexual experience, and I never will. I’m angry about that, and what drives that anger are feelings of being disenfranchised, humiliated, and violated. At least we’ve managed to protect girls from genital harm. I hope we will protect boys very soon.

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss. keep sharing, loved the way you wrote this. I’m part of the generation that the medical world would probably not even asked if I wanted it done to my child! Thankfully I picked up a brochure at a La Leche League meeting years ago and vowed I’d NEVER do that to my child. I ended up with three girls! I talk to as many as I can, put cards in baby items etc. There is so much info out there now a days about circumcision but some of it (pro) is so full of misinformation.

  10. There has been a backlash from the circumcising factions about how the internet now belongs to those promoting the human rights of infants. I think your blog hits on what is behind their belligerence, their unacknowledged shame at allowing some of the most vulnerable people in society to be physically violated. If they had done nothing wrong, such a response would not have occurred. My children are intact (both boys and girls) and I can sleep at night knowing this.

  11. lol oh the anti circumcision harpies.. Give me a break.. this is what you’re going to spend your time complaining about, calling yourself some kind of victim?? grow up boys..

    • Protecting the most vulnerable in our society is indeed worth complaining about. I doubt you have heard the screams of babies during circumcisions: those are the victims. Only those who have closed off their souls and refuse to listen can continue to allow such barbarity. It is shameful to not examine the harm in any meaningful way, but many in denial do prevent themselves from any sort of true appraisal of the situation being discussed.

  12. Thank you for sharing your story. I think that hearing an adult man’s perspective is far more poignant than a woman’s, because so many guys out there are saying they are fine with their circumcision. They are either ignorant or in denial. You speak the truth.

  13. As a mother of a 16 yr old and an 8 yr old boy. I knew I did not have the right to decide to cut off a part of their body. They were born with it, I kept them as nature intended. Why would I cut off an ear or a finger… why would I cut off a foreskin! It was actually my 80 something grandfather who really put it into perspective by saying it is nothing but a tradition started by doctors, and we’ve fed into the belief it needs to be done. I love him for his honesty and making me see the issue from a male perspective. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope more parents reconsider.

  14. I find it incredible that circumcision is so common in the US, whereas in Australia it is rarely even mentioned. My son is intact and it never even occurred to me to circumcise him! In fact, it was never even mentioned at the hospital at any stage of pre or post natal care…

    • 1920-75, routine infant circumcision was the norm in Australia. Few Australian maternity wards offer the service nowadays. But every Australian large city has several pediatricians who are happy to cut boy outpatients in their surgeries. The Australian taxpayer still covers part of the cost. The circ rate in Australia is estimated to be around 15%, with significant variation by state.

  15. I feel your pain. I was forcibly cut at 14 days of age for no reason whatsoever and experience the discomfort and pain of it daily. The only way I can feel comfortable is to pull the shaft skin forward over the glans and tape around behind the wound with medical tape so it stays in place protecting the glans during the day. The specialised structures that do this naturally are removed in the bodily violation euphemistically called ‘circumcision’. This is akin to having your eyelid cut off and having to manually pull down the remaining skin to cover your eyeball to protect it – in either case you loose vision – with sensation loss being the equivalent in the case of genital mutilation. The frustration and anger of this is immense with the total senselessness of it only adding to the frustration of spinning your wheels not being able to answer the question: ‘WHY – Why was it done?’ As there is no good reason for it, I have come to the conclusion that the perverted and dark purpose behind this barbaric procedure is to create a society of lifelong traumatised and wounded men at a very fundamental level. This completely unnecessary and harmful surgery has impacted me emotionally and affected my life in ways I cannot begin to articulate here. Anything I am able to verbalise on this issue is just the tip of the iceberg. Please, for the love of life and sanity – leave your sons and daughters intact as nature intended!

    • And all this done by a doctor who study for how many years all about the body and how to cure it and nobody teach him or her about the function of the protective folds? This is something out of the Dark Ages and not 21st century. Never could I imagine when growing up in former communist Czechoslovakia that my American Dreamland people would have such a dark side that border with a stupidity or a mental disorder. Many European people just do not get it that such a thing is possible in USA. What is done to all of you man without your permission just boil me with a deep anger.

    • Circumcision began in the UK and USA, when prim upper middle class mothers and the nannies they hired, they not want to think about the foreskin hygiene of boys in their care. To look at and handle a boy’s penis was deemed improper. The circumcised penis was seen as a maintenance free penis. Before 1920 or so, boyhood masturbation was viewed as seriously immoral, and circumcision was believed to make masturbation more difficult and less pleasant.

      Circumcision eventually came to mark a man as having been born into the urban upper middle class. A desire to imitate one’s betters spread the practice through all of American society. Medical insurance fully covered the cost. Starting around 1930-40, most USA maternity wards began circumcising all boys by default, not doing it only if the mother raised the subject and objected. Few educated middle class mothers did so because of the enormous prestige American doctors enjoyed in those days.

      During the past 60 years, the typical American mother has never been intimate with an intact male. The typical American father has never seen intact in the flesh, or if he did, the intact penis was attached to a Latino or immigrant. American parents circumcised their infant sons because they did not want to look at a pointed penis every time they changed a diaper or gave a bath. They feared that an intact son would be ridiculed in the locker room and summer camp. Feared that women would stop dating him when they discovered he had foreskin. The circumcision rate in the USA has declined to 55%, mainly because circumcision is now out of favour in certain USA communities, starting with the USA west of the Rockies, and among crunchy moms. Baby boys born to the descent of the large post 1945 immigration to the USA are usually left intact as well.

  16. Humans evolved the way they did and do in the opposite to other species because they have the ability to copy, monkey, parrot each other and so we have computers , cell phones and start to reach other planets and perhaps other solar systems in the future. But this ability to learn, copy others carry its problems and genital mutilation is one of them. Human being is not the center of the Universe. It is very unwise to listen to the psychological force of the many………..”the bigger the number of those that say or promote something the more it must be true”. It is very dangerous for each individual not to be objective to what somebody say be it a king or next door neighbor. Parents , schools teach all kinds of parroting they were told but not intellect that any society reaching cosmic age or consciousness should have in order to survive and if they do not they will destroy them self as Carl Sagan suggested in his ” Cosmos”. Humans have great teachers, Nietzsche, John Locke and hundreds of others that can teach each individual to understand him or herself and ” why I am the way I am” but the majority of humans are indoctrinated by the masses in meaningless things like sports or silly movies or what dictator we should elect for a president and not to think deeper and be happy in the same way. I welcome the movement to stop genital mutilation of helpless babies, its a small step out of other tiny steps toward a better Earth society.and more hope for human future.

  17. Male neonates (I’m one of millions) who suffered the knife were sexually victimized at birth. Males under 18 need legal protection like the females have under Title 18 U.S.C.

    • Perhaps a child or somebody under 18 is not a person in USA?. Not protected by the constitution? Just a thing? A creature to mold, submit when its still weak to resist to mans image. And the doctors brainwashed one generation after another submitting parents in to this because a doctor is the god who know better than the God in their imagination? How else it could be looked at? America still print on its dollar ” In God We Trust” . Really? What kind of a trust is it to correct this Gods image? If we imagine a metaphor that God created man in His own image why in the Hell would any person who believe in that ruin it? No religion can survive such a lack of common sense in the 21st century for to long.

  18. Hi Everyone.

    Thank you for all your beautiful and supportive comments for Eddy. I know he is moved and honoured by your kindness.

    Sharing thoughts on genital mutilation of children is immensely important, so if either of you would consider transforming your comments into opinion pieces, I would be happy to publish them here on ‘Just a Snip’.

    At the moment we have about 600+ readers a day here on the blog – all because of Eddy. Normally the number is more like 160+ readers a day. Our readers are from all over the world, with the majority coming from the US.

    Make a difference for children today. Share your views on genital cutting. ❤

    – Lena

    • I am not cut, so why I am so angry for at least 16 years when I used logic and figured all by myself on why the sexual mechanic Nature created the way She do on all things including animals and plants. Over 10 years ago I started to write to many ladies overseas, I am a complex person to be with, due to my philosophical views on all things around us including the Universe we all are part of, similarly to Albert Einstein I was in to this since the age of 15 and so almost all the girls just did not get me and started to drop of except a few and one started to get what I tried to say and we wrote for over 8 years and finally on March 30 I came to see her but only for 3 weeks. She was by than 32 and wanted a baby before she get to old and she was 100% a virgin. I was very pessimistic that under such a situation it would be possible to give her a child so fast and no hurt plus there was a tension on both sides and this make it even worse for a lady.None of that hurt happened due to the intelligent Maker that evolved the sexual mechanic over millions of years. She become pregnant in that short time we had and today we have a boy who will be 2 on Dec. 19. All thank that I was not criminally cut and abused as America do to their young helpless people. No aids needed. Americas lubricant industry is a big business. And so I am angry. This is criminal. No human have the right to cut of the anti- friction mechanic plus 20.000 nerve sensors that communicate with the brain for a purpose.I am even angry the way we damage life on this planet and so I am also a vegan for a very long time. Man they submitted you in to this now start to be angry, you have the right to be and do something about it

  19. I am so sorry to hear of the mutilation done to you! I truly cannot imagine the agony. And you are right. We, as women, are protected, and it’s so sad that you, as men/boys/babies, are not. I work tirelessly for equal rights for all and genital integrity. My husband and I are working on restoring his foreskin using a technique we found online called “tugging”. Actual foreskin is regrowing through this stretching technique, and he is getting more and more covered every day! His sexual sensitivity and pleasure are also increasing by leaps and bounds, and psychological wounds are beginning to heal, too!! http://www.restoringforeskin.org is the site, and there are progress photos, a WONderful on-line community for support, blog posts and more. I wish you well on your journey, and while I respect your opinions about how your penis looks as a result of circumcision, I want you to know that even though I’ve never seen it, there is a beauty to your penis that remains, even though it is not what you currently want. I send you love and compassion and a deep wish for your healing, however that can take place.

  20. My mother was misled by an ignorant doctor, he went on to ruin my penis. Those of us men who are brave enough to speak out against genital cutting will bring on the day when it is relegated to the history books. Nowadays, baby-care books published in the UK seldom mention foreskin removal, but even when they do, they do not reveal the loss of sexual pleasure caused by the reduction in the special attributes of the intact penis.

    • Brave enough.Is talk enough? Me not damaged so why I am so angry for years before Intact America existed? The part of my anger is that an innocent helpless child is subjected to a mutilation of something Nature evolved over millions of years on all mammal species and will as long life exist on Earth. That something is a wiring that send signals to the brain during the reproductive activities and it also protect an internal organ and more This over sized big brain that can invent computers and land on Mars why it can not comprehend something so simple? If so many do not get this how can they get something more complicated? When that something in the Force of Nature can evolve things like say the complexity of an eye , heart, brain or give commands to a honey bee what to do right after she is born……….who got more intelligence here the bee or man? What is more intelligent listen to the commands of the Ultimate Reality responsible for all in existence and actions and follow it or man who think to know better? Looking around this planet and what is happening to its life in existence for some 700 millions of years and how man screwed that up in just few years, this give to some of us a creepy feeling. To warship mans ideas and listen to each other and doctors included with little objectivity and deep thought almost border with a mental illness.

  21. I’m so sorry. My heart aches.
    I do everything I can to teach others that this isn’t their choice. It’s not their body. My future sons will be left perfect the way they were made….
    Thank you for speaking out.

    • Its their body and nobody else at 18 or preferably 21 they can do what the wish but as children our duty is to protect them from harms as much as in our power.And as somebody who is intact I know what harm its caused by that genital mutilation, like excessive dryness and peeling of the glans, did not know its that bad ,friction and painful sex sooner or later to the ladies, in USA its 66% and the number did not change in the last 45 years,the last survey was done by Glamour magazine Dec. 2008. Its criminal that such a mutilation is done on children, people that are unable to agree to this barbarity. Why nobody go to jail for this in beyond me. Why a doctor who study so long about the body would not make a beep and tell the parent the reason for the glans protective prepuce loaded with thousands of nerve ending is also beyond me. Glad many Americans start to wake up to this.

  22. After several years of praising the parents who protected their children from genital mutilation, and trying to educate the mostly Americans who are still ignorant about it, I am going further. Watch out for the Legion Against Underage Genital Cutting. As well as speaking out they are contacting candidates in the forthcoming UK General Elections. Although based at present in the UK, their mission is to prevent the genital mutilation of all children, everywhere. So if you see their pages, please add your voice. Remember, there are far more of us, who are opposed to genital cutting, than there are of them.

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