On the uglyness of trolls and what to do about them

Since becoming an intactivist I find myself encountering a particular breed of human being, which I’ve never met or even heard about before. In lack of a better word I’ll call them trolls, but I expect that some of them are an entirely different kind of predator.

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

Far from lurking in the woods or under bridges these trolls simply approach me on-line on Facebook. More often than not the profile is that of a woman from for instance India. In broken English she’ll ask me about the specifics about circumcision because her younger brother / cousin / nephew has some problems.

I’ll respond with kind concern and post some links for her to look at. For instance a relevant video, a good factual piece etc. She’ll disregard the links completely and ask me the specifics again “But please, I don’t understand, what exactly is a circumcision? How is it done, please explain?”

I’m a fairly naïve and trusting person so to begin with I would go through the motions of describing circumcisions in details when I got this type of request, but suddenly I realised what was happening; I was being played by a person who takes pleasure from the description of genital mutilation of baby boys – they have a circumcision fetish. By now I’ve learned that they’re called circumfetishists.

It’s an absolutely horrible and disgusting thought that creatures like that exist, but they do. I know that I’m not the only, who has encountered them.

The big question is; what do we do about it?

  • Should we report them to Facebook for having a false profile?
  • Should we just block them and move on.
  • Should we posts links to their profiles to warn others?
  • Should we keep secret lists and exchange them discretely?

What is your approach to the trolls and predators of intactivism? How do you propose we deal with them? To wait for dawn and hope they turn to stone doesn’t seem to work. On Facebook it’s always in the darkest hours of the night somewhere.


3 thoughts on “On the uglyness of trolls and what to do about them

  1. The thing about the intactivists I know….is that they are always so willing to take time to explain, describe, suggest, share….etc. And when you encounter a “troll” type of predator, it is very unsettling. I think it’s important to evaluate before ever making a comment or going in to detail….sometimes I even review their account and look for signs of deceit before putting a lot of time into a comment. Trolling to be trolling is a different kind of perversion and the pervert not only gets satisfaction from leading people on but also from the in depth descriptions and personal stories that are shared. Don’t feed the trolls!

  2. Trolls are a waste of time.

    There is much to be done to expose male infant circumcision for the fraud it is.

    Dealing with trolls wastes precious time that could be better spent in more productive ways.

    It’s real easy to dismiss trolls who all they want to do is cheer on about how great circumcision is. You will not, cannot convince them because their minds are made up. But they’re not the ones you should worry about anyway. Plenty of parents need info. Me personally, that’s another waste of my time, and I applaud those with the patience. Doctors who perform them need to be educated too. As with parents, they are another waste of time.

    I personally think what needs to be done is, false information, and those who are responsible for dispensing accurate information should be challenged.

    You can’t do that if you’re busy responding to trolls.

    So here are the steps to dealing with trolls.

    1. Determine what kind of troll you’re dealing with.
    Are they die-hard procircs? Or are they idiots like the ones you describe who are looking to get off?

    2. Determine the course of action.
    Forget the die-hard procircs; it’s like trying to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.
    If it’s one of those who are just looking for a masturbation fantasy, send him on your merry way. Ask yourself this question; this day and age, who doesn’t know what a circumcision is and needs the live, play by play explanation? As with the first kind, forget. If possible, block, delete.

    3. Take the action determined.

    Tips: Once you deal with trolls on a regular basis, you’ll notice a pattern of the same tried arguments. Refute those arguments, shortly and sweetly, and save the text in a file somewhere ready to cut and paste. Don’t waste time. When a troll throws the same old crap, decide the best all-mighty response, cut, paste, send and forget. Like I said, you’re never going to convince them, and you will be on the computer all night.
    Sometimes you don’t know if a person wants info or is really a troll. In either case, again, don’t waste time. There are plenty of well-referenced, informative links out there. Beware the questions that ask for a full-on description. There are very good sites out there with plenty of information. These aren’t the dark ages anymore. The info, pics, vids and all are out there for anyone to see. If someone actually needs you to describe circumcision in every detail, they’re either perverts trying to get off, or they’re really that dense. Provide links to info. A smart person will “get it.” Because the person is actually interested in educating him/herself, and not merely running down your clock.

    Best of luck!


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