AAP meets strong criticism for lack of ethics and flawed medical practice

by Lena Nyhus

“Cultural Bias in the AAP’s 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on Male Circumcision”

38 high-ranking medical doctors and professors from 17 western countries outside of the US strongly criticise the AAP stance on male circumcision in new medical article published in AAPs own journal Pediatrics (imagine that going through peer review). Danish medical Professor Morten Frisch is lead author on the paper..

I’m sure you’re eager to read the new article, but although they have promised to make the entire thing free to all readers, Pediatrics have only opened for the abstract. However, I got my hands on the whole thing. Read it here Pediatrics-2013-Frisch-peds.2012-2896[1]

Don’t let anyone get the idea that these 38 widely respected medical professionals are alone. If you Google them, you’ll notice that they all represent major medical societies and other influential institutions in the European medical community and they’re backed up by statements made by several national medical associations in Europe, among them the Danish, Dutch and German.

English: A male penis with a prominent circumc...

English: A male penis with a prominent circumcision scar. Note the split at the right side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And that’s not all. Several other articles have been written about the lack of ethics and flawed methods of medical analysis applied by AAP in their stance on male circumcision.  Out of step: fatal flaws in the latest AAP policy report on neonatal circumcision is an immensely interesting read and that goes for Prophylactic interventions on children: balancing human rights with public health as well.

Basically, what they say is: Hands of the boys! There is no reason what-so-ever to cut into non-consenting healthy children, anyone who claims otherwise must have a strong cultural bias in stead of the objective conservative view, that all medical professionals should strive for.

Of course the AAP  responded to the criticism, read their response here Pediatrics-2013–peds.2013-0081[1]
Their response has been heavily criticised by a  number sources, read a couple of the comments posted directly to the Pediatrics own page here.

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10 thoughts on “AAP meets strong criticism for lack of ethics and flawed medical practice

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  2. We all have friends or relatives who acts so shamefully, but are never embarrassed by their action. The AAP is like that embarrassing Uncle. They don’t get it. The members of the Task Force are all circumcised or are married to circumcised men. They feel threatened by the complete penis, so they needed to overcompensate by releasing an absurd position. What the AAP needs instead is an exit strategy so physicians can get out of the the circumcision business.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. There is a powerful social movement among women to end the shaming of the female body, especially its more intimate parts. Men are well behind the curve here. Most American adults grew up seeing only cut boys and men. Most American women have never had sex with an intact man. Thus in the sexual part of many American minds, the penis that is bald 24/7 is “normal” and the male foreskin is alien.

    I am a baby boomer from the midwest. Growing up, I never heard a peer mention circumcision and foreskin. Circumcision was mentioned twice briefly in high school. Both times, most boys blushed like beets and stared at their shoes. Boys who wisecracked daily about oral sex, and who freely snickered that their sisters menstruated, were completely silent about circumcision.

  4. The “debate” between the AAP Task Force and the 38 northern European doctors is sterile, because the controversy is in the realm of social science, and doctors are not trained social scientists.

    The AAP is satisfied that its 2012 circumcision policy is “ethical” because one of its coauthors is Douglas Diekema, a supposed “medical ethicist.” The AAP is clueless about the adverse effects of RIC on adult sexuality, because the Task Force was made up of circumcised men, or women married to such.

    There is ample anecdotal evidence, made public by social media, that circumcision can be sexually damaging. The extent of this damage is not known, because it has never been studied. American maternity wards have been altering the penises of infant boys for 130 years, but there never has been a large sample comprehensive study of the possible consequences of RIC on adult sexual pleasure and functionality. This is an unconscionable situation. In the absence of such data, RIC should cease immediately.

    A huge problem is the African clinical trials claiming that uninfected cut men are less likely than intact men to catch HIV from infected women sexual partners. These studies were badly designed and executed for a host of reasons set out in Boyle and Hill (2011, Journal of Law & Medicine). Even if their findings were valid, there is no reason to believe that such findings for eastern and southern Africa, would necessarily carry over to the North Atlantic. But the AAP, like much of the American chattering class, has jumped to the conclusion that circumcision is a major weapon against HIV. This is not the case because of a simple fact: HIV is more prevalent in the USA than in Europe. The only European country where HIV is as prevalent as in the USA is Portugal, where recreational drugs are legal.

    • There has in fact been two studies of sexual dysfunction in circumcised men – one from Denmark and one from Portugal.

      I don’t have the time to provide links right now, but will try to get back to it as soon as possible.

      I very much agree with you on the HIV/AIDS studies, but since the legalisation of recreational drugs in Portugal is quite recent, I don’t think there is a direct link between the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the drug legislation. I think cause and effect may be more complex, but that remains to be discovered.

      – Lena

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