New legislation to ban circumcision in America

Circumcision/ male genital mutilation

Male genital mutilation also known as circumcision is the praxis of amputating perfectly healthy foreskin  from boys penises. The reasons are many but misguided, for instance aesthetics, misunderstood health concerns, lack of knowledge about proper hygiene and of course religion. The origins are barbaric and the procedure is designed to curb men’s sexuality.

You have the possibility to change this praxis, you can help change the legislation.

You can change the world one child, one state, one nation at a time. will be submitting intactivist legislation to Congress and various state legislatures around AMERICA on Jan 12th – 14th 2013.

In order to do this, they need your help, so if you’d like to assist them by emailing, faxing, and/or snail mailing our proposed bills to your own state and federal lawmakers, please contact them at

For more details, visit MGM bill  Thanks!


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