Oppose religious branding

Oppose religious branding. Say no to genital mutilation aka circumcision. Design by Svend Eide Joensen


Fantastic! We have our second meme. This time designed by Svend Eide Joensen. He has chosen to address genital mutilation aka circumcision – regardless of gender – committed in the name of religion.

In some cultures it is claimed that genital mutilation is commanded by God in order curb sexuality, heighten cleanliness or demonstrate allegiance to the religion. Either way it is not only an assault on the child; an assault it could die or become permanently injured from. It is also a violation of the persons religious freedom.

Parents rights to religious freedom end where the child’s rights to religious freedom and an intact body begins.


4 thoughts on “Oppose religious branding

  1. Hello Lena,

    Thank you for using the meme i created for you. It have been received very positive and have spread videly, quicker than I expected.

    Most negative comments on it, addresses the US situation, where most people don’t get circumcised by religious reasons.
    I want to make it clear, that the meme is primarily an answer to the debate in other countries than the US. Besides in the US, most circumcisions are done by religious reasons and in the European debate, one of the primarily used arguments in defense of circumcision, have been “Religious freedom”.
    The health and tradition based arguments, used to support circumcision in the US, is a completely other story, that is described well on this blog. For the critics, that is just not the question this meme addresses. The rest of the world is not the US, and thank “god” for that. In the world in general, circumcision IS a religious matter.

    The cross is chosen for the simple matter, not to stigmatize Jewish or Muslim people. Christians perform circumcision on religious reasons too. African Christians as an example. The cross is also the most recognized religious symbol and most provocative in the western world.

    It’s a human right to have a personal choice… The meme is simply: “You wouldn’t do this, but genital mutilation of infants is ok?”

    – Svend Eide Joensen

  2. I’m liking this. I would though like it better with some blood. This would convey better the religious aspect of a blood sacrifice. Children’s bodies are not to be used as billboards of others’ beliefs. Be it religious, cultural, parental, or just plain stupidity.

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