Oppose genital mutilation aka circumcision on Twitter


By Lena Nyhus

A lot of great people do an enormous job opposing genital mutilation aka circumcision on Twitter. It’s simple and they make a difference. So can you.

It’s all about hashtags (#), use the rights ones and you’ll be right there bang in the middle of the  conversation. The best ones are

#intactivist, #intactivism, #circumcision, #genitalmutilation,
#i2 integrity x intactivism, #humanrights, #FGM Female Genital Mutilation,
#MGM Male Genital Mutilation, #foreskin, #nofgm no Female Genital Mutilation

Use the hashtags when you post your messages and do it short and sweet. You have only 140 characters to make an impact with, so make them count.

Always choose the high ground, let your voice be heard for the case, but never attack any one person, it simply undermines the message and makes you look small and petty.

Intactivism changes the world one child at a time. Reason with their parents. Reach out to them. Understand that all parents do what they think is best for their kids, however misguided it may be. Embrace them. Embrace their concerns and remember the best advocate for intactivism may be the parent who cut their child and regretted.

In the words of the late and great founding father of America and famous atheist Benjamin Franklin:

Tell me and I forget

teach me and I may remember

involve me and I learn

There are plenty of great sites offering qualified information on why an intact body is the best choice for the child, both physically and morally. Help parents educate themselves before they make a choice that cannot be undone.

Twitter is a great place to start. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you there.

I am @IQvixen.


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