‘Nourishing Our Children’ – have chosen to do a piece on circumcision. It’s great. Notice the comments. Very insightful and interesting.

Nourishing Our Children


Sandrine’s Introduction

I am in a weekly Nonviolent Communication practice group with Mark, our guest author, and offered to have him share his experience of circumcision on our blog. This is a topic we haven’t discussed in our community yet, and I anticipate it may be controversial. I was raised in a Jewish home, and my brothers were all circumcised.  My father was a Urologist and beyond our Jewish tradition, I think the predominant belief in those days was that it was simply more sanitary to circumcise. I don’t think my parents ever considered the alternative, which would be to leave my brother’s penises intact. We also never considered whether or not margarine would nourish us – we simply ate margarine instead of butter because that was the standard recommendation of the time. Since Nourishing Our Children is all about reconsidering the standard recommendations we are given, I wanted to…

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