Frankly speaking – circumcision and foreskin restoration

The other day I received a mail from Frank, I’ll let his words speak for themselves…

Hello IQvixen,

I am submitting this photo with my circumcised penis done artfully that too celebrates my restorative powers. Hope you like it. Hope its something you can use. You can use the photo however you wish, as long as you credit It doesn’t matter to me if my name is used. I’m not promoting myself, but I do promote Bay Area Intactivists. So thank you if you should mention BAI (Bay Area Intactivists). At our BAI info booth Castro and Folsom street fairs in San Francisco, I have shown my in-progress foreskin restoration to the interested public. It’s fun and rewarding to see jaws drop in amazement upon seeing half my glans covered with grown skin. Then I pull back to show the marked improvement in skin tone of the glans that’s covered whereas the exposed portion still has age spots and is dryer rougher looking. It’s even more fun and rewarding to know they leave with hope and empowerment for change. My Coverage Index I rate it at CI 4.


Background of this photo:

An artist photographer from Norway was in the US and wanted the most ordinary people to take part in his naked photo project. He wants 1000 people. I think he got about 70 his one day shoot in SF. Each is shown into a room that’s set for taking the only one photo that the participant clicks on a small remote. The rule is everything comes off that will not break. And a mask is provided to use as you wish and must be in the shot. There’s no mirrors. Just you, mask and camera. 

I hate that circumcision has an on going conversation with the world through a circumcised penis. Most men don’t want to talk about their circumcised condition. So just being yourself in such a project is really not yourself, not who you are, not wholly as it is also representing circumcision and it’s perps. I wanted to wear in my shot my foreskin restoration device as this covers the glans to not feel so vulnerable, nude not naked, just as intact men feel. But that’s a rule breaker. I obviously wanted to take advantage of furthering intactivism, especially from the USA to Norway (to be first country to forbid non medical forced circumcision. Circumcisers may have used my body to promote circumcision. I have stopped this and now have used my body to promote intactivism.

Frank McGinness

Frank McGinness :: Bay Area activists ::

Frank McGinness’ (Bay Area Intactivists) contribution to the 1000 Bodies Project.


10 thoughts on “Frankly speaking – circumcision and foreskin restoration

  1. Well done Frank! I’m encouraged that we will bring an end to male and female genital mutilation, forced cutting of children with adults who were harmed as children speaking out. Thank you.

  2. Frank, you are an inspiration! Thank you for all that you do and your bravery in speaking out so vehemently against this human rights violation.

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