Would you cut the nipple off your child?

Of course you wouldn’t cut the nipple off you child and I dare say you wouldn’t find many parents anywhere on earth who would allow anyone to cut off their children’s nipples for no apparent reason at all. Why would they? It would be barbaric, wouldn’t it?

But still, world wide a vast number of parents decide to have their children’s genitals mutilated. What is it that makes it acceptable for parents to allow someone to cut off foreskin or labia or perhaps the clitoris on perfectly healthy baby or child?

I simply fail to comprehend the logic. I just cannot for the life of me understand why some parents would choose this for their children.

I understand that for some of them the decision is based on ancient religious myth, but surely no educated modern person would make decisions based on medieval superstitions. That would be the abandonment of logic and reason. We are so much more advanced today than back then and surely we all understand that only a mad sectarian would exchange foreskin for protection and an afterlife.

Others choose to circumcise their children – or allow them to undergo genital mutilation, let’s be frank – because they think that there would be a hygiene or health advantage. That’s a myth too. It’s easy to keep the genital area clean with tap water and good routines. And foreskin doesn’t cause or promote the spread of HIV and AIDS, unprotected sex does. Come on! This is not rocket science people. Healthy genitals promote sexual pleasure. That’s it. Not STD’s, not cancer, not questionable hygiene standards.

Perhaps that’s the core of the problem – sexuality? In many cultures normal sexual desires were and are considered something unpleasant in need of control. Suppression of sexuality is one of the most prevalent consequences of so-called circumcision. In England and America circumcision was promoted in the previous century as a part of the Victorian purity ideals and thought to inhibit sexual pleasure and prevent masturbation. Why promote such ideals today?

Finally, natural genitals are loathed for their aesthetics. In some circles, the mutilated penis or vagina has become the norm and they simply don’t understand or appreciate foreskin even though it’s a fantastically specialised organ with numerous functions for sensory and protection.

Girls and boys, men and women die everyday all over the world, because someone cut into their genitals. Make it end. Make your government outlaw genital mutilation of children – regardless of gender, cultural background or parents religion, now!


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