Age Restrict Circumcision in Germany

Sign the petition to German Chancellor Sabine Leuhtheusser-Schnarrenberger here.



7 thoughts on “Age Restrict Circumcision in Germany

    • Hi Victor E 🙂

      The photographer is for a project of mine – a series of nudes with slogans – I might as well use the fact that I’m a model with an IQ in combo.

      And that’s actually what IQvixen stands for. My ex-husband invented it for me as one of my aliases; IQ for my sky-high intelligence and vixen, because he thinks I’m a bit of a foxy lady. 😉 Another one of my aliases is Purgatoria.


  1. lol, too funny, I relate to Purgatoria too, with an IQ that doesn’t always fit in the bottle, still, I wouldn’t swap it for the other. i like your site here and intend a good explore for Christmas. Got snow?Not here, tomorrow we have cyclone from Fiji come for a visit.

    • As a matter of fact, we did have snow in early December, the rain took it though. Denmark is a very peaceful little country so we never get anything as interesting as cyclones.
      The IQ thing is a double edged sword, isn’t it? (Wonder if that is an expression in English? Hmm..) It’s a blessing to be bright, but it’s also very often a very lonely experience. I’m sure you know the feeling.

  2. Aye, do understand two edged swords: I wonder if existential loneliness is simply exacerbated by having more awareness in general, its always interesting that many people with more simple lives seem to immerse themselves without so much self inquisition.
    By way of explanation about my presence here, I’ve been in the closet about circ for some time, but no more. Despite the increasing popular social sentiment against circ I am nevertheless seeing the solid gains of the evil empire within business and law, it’s very concerning. So, I have identified the pivot points that will shift the balance, and have declared war, a lifetime cause, and will not rest until anyone who sexually mutilates a child is held utterly accountable for their actions.
    Input will be helpful and appreciated, and I can outline what is happening here.
    What brings you to the field of honor in wanting to protect children from circ? (thats enough of a reason right there, isn’t it?)
    thoughtful regards, Vic

    • That IS enough of a reason, actually. I simply oppose genital mutilation because I find an intact body is a human right. Children are well protected under Danish law except for the one area of male genital mutilation – which is ridiculous!

      And in other countries of course around the world the right to an intact body is just one of many basic rights that is violated, so this is a good place to start.

      If you’re interested in becoming more active, perhaps you would consider helping me moderate my new facebook page I launched it yesterday and it has grown to 59 likes already in 12 hours. Are you up for it?

  3. I just read yesterdays post, god I sounded stuffy, lol, well, no more, yesterday is yesterday and now its almost Christmas. Time to acknowledge the progress, achievements and empowerment we’ve all made, ready for the newer (Maya lol) era. You’ve been putting in a great effort, all power and more success to you.
    Out of all the options you could spend your life on, to choose this history making one is a huge credit to you.
    Congratulations on the new FB site, you’ll be the first listing I put in social media on
    This is one of a couple of sites that are going up, it’ll take a few more weeks to get it ready, and is cross linked to another, all part of a plan. I get to do 3-4 hours each day, a decent site doesn’t happen overnight, I found out, lol.
    I’ll think on the invitation to moderate, and ask more about whats involved, after a few days of Christmas have passed. What are you doing over xmas? Holidays with family? I was surprised by xmas in USA, its a very short, intense day or two, not at all the relaxed and laid back period we make here. What’s it like in Denmark?, Very religious? It used to be here, but less so now. For us its a chance to relax after the work of the year and take 2-3 weeks holiday. Because its warm the national tradition is to head to the beaches, camp out, and go fishing and surfing, pretty nice.
    Our pet cyclone is creeping in slowly, odd changes in the wind directions and strange clouds, interesting-for now, wet and windy tomorrow on Christmas day, lol. cheers Vic

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