‘Circumcised radio host: It is Pure Torture’

by Lena Nyhus / iQvixen

When the debate about male genital mutilation (so-called circumcision) flared up in Denmark during the summer of 2012 one of the most compelling opinions voiced was that of journalist and author Kjeld Koplev; ‘In my opinion it is pure torture!’ he exclaimed in a column printed in the prominent Danish newspaper Politiken on 07/18/2012 and continued to explain how the circumcision he suffered through as an infant had left him traumatized and with castration anxiety lasting into adulthood and crippling his life and sexuality.

Read the full article here (in Danish)

‘Circumcision is not an act of love.’ he wrote as a response to an opinion voiced by journalist Anders Jerichouw in an editorial in Politiken 07/15/2012 ‘It is a selfish act, wherein some people – in misunderstood religious zealousness – abuse and brand an infant boy. Not more nor less. Any other opinion is simply a rationalisation.’

A circumcised child existing in a primarily uncircumcised society such as the Danish suffers from yet another torment; he is ostracised. Perhaps not literally, but in his own mind. Being different at an age where one desperately wishes to just fit in can be extremely challenging.

Mr. Koplev draws attention to the UN-concention on Childrens Rights (ratified by Denmark) and claims that surely circumcision must be considered a violation.

Accusations of anti-Semitism and other parallels to Nazism and fascism are frequent in the debate about circumcision but as Mr. Koplev frases it; ‘Naturally, my opposition has nothing to do with hatred towards Jews.’ Just as the opposition to female genital mutilation is not rooted in hate towards Islam, the opposition towards male genital mutilation (aka circumcision) is not by any means related to anti-Semitism.

It would be suitable Koplev states if the practitioners themselves abandoned the barbaric tradition of genital mutilation of both boys and girls even before legislation restricts it.


13 thoughts on “‘Circumcised radio host: It is Pure Torture’

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  2. The people promoting circumcision only have their bogus studies to rely on. So to bolster their argument they call anyone disagreeing with them a Nazi and Antisemitic.

    Funny how religion tends to be one of the most aggressive promoters of violence in our world.

    • Religion (being tied [ligi] back [re]), i.e., being restrained, living by moral laws, loving the great consciousness that created and designed living beings to perfection, is always anti-war, always anti-mutilation. judaism and islam are satanic, worldly political movements that attempt to cloak themselves in the good reputation that true religions have earned over the ages.

      • I am a proud atheist and I oppose the influence of ALL established religions on society. I do NOT however, deem any individuals ‘satanic’ and my opposition to genital mutilation is not an attempt to attack certain religious groups.

        Adults may paint their genitals blue, hammer nails through them or circumcise themselves if they want to. What I oppose is when some people decide to mutilate un-consenting children and are allowed under the law. I propose an age restriction on non-medically warranted genital alterations.

        I sincerely hope that I have misunderstood your comments, but I will make it absolutely clear that I will not tolerate any religiously biased slander on this site. An intact body is a human right, regardless of gender, cultural background and parents religion, that’s what Just a Snip is all about, nothing more, nothing less.

      • sounds to me like you’re unwilling to have dispassionate, objective discourse. i can assure you i’m very educated on the topics of which i speak. but if you want to just block it out and stop thinking for yourself, i guess that’s fine for you.

        no, i’m not kidding about what i said about jews. it is not slander but fact. it is easily established through the talmud, the jewish encyclopedia and other official sources what jews practice. they also smuggle a lot of diamonds and drugs through the chabbad lubavitch, also the world’s authority on judiac principle and very emphatic that jews must circumcise.

        criticising our bretheren is not hate but rather love and concern. i think all of us would benefit if any circumcision ban was not only protecting ourselves but also jews and muslims. jewish and muslim babies deserve protection as well, as they are innocent when brought into this world.

      • Calling people satanic is labelling and hateful.

        An had you read any of my posts thoroughly or just the sub-title of the site properly, you would notice that we work to prevent circumcision/genital mutilation of ALL children regardless of gender, cultural background or parents religion. That means we wish to change the legislation world wide to protect both boys and girls from any community and any religion world wide.

        In Denmark where I come from only boys from the Jewish and Muslim communities are genitally mutilated (approximately 2% of the population). I will work to change the legislation here as well as in the rest of the world, but I will not label people as satanic.

  3. World War II happened resulting in many human rights agreements, Germany signed so that these human rights, which includes the right to body integrity, that people may not be branded, -should NEVER happen again in Germany. But isn’t telling when the Cologne Court upheld its Constitution and post war agreements, that Jews and Muslims would demand the right to barbarity of human blood sacrifice- the flaying of penile flesh, branding the religious symbol of circumcision into the center of ones being. This pretty much amounts to tossing out those human rights agreements they demanded of Germany post war. Isn’t it ironic?

      • You know Janoklark I have been thinking a lot about your comment, because actually it very clearly describes my world view. One of the reasons why I so strongly oppose circumcision although it only affects so few in my country is that I simply cannot just watch silently while some children are protected under the law and others aren’t.

        The funny things is that people who don’t know me – often Christians – accuse me of racism, anti-Semitism, fascism etc. but really I’m not either. I simply wish that all children are protected under the law, so in fact I probably embrace people who are of different cultural background or religion much more openly, than the people who criticise me.

        Thank you for your comment.

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