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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views. We launched on 5th December 2012, so this result was reached in little less than a month. Thank you to every single one of you who visited. You make a difference in this world one child at a time.

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Oppose genital mutilation aka circumcision on Twitter


By Lena Nyhus

A lot of great people do an enormous job opposing genital mutilation aka circumcision on Twitter. It’s simple and they make a difference. So can you.

It’s all about hashtags (#), use the rights ones and you’ll be right there bang in the middle of the  conversation. The best ones are

#intactivist, #intactivism, #circumcision, #genitalmutilation,
#i2 integrity x intactivism, #humanrights, #FGM Female Genital Mutilation,
#MGM Male Genital Mutilation, #foreskin, Continue reading

Does pain and suffering have a gender bias?

Circumcision / genital mutilation on Wikipedia

Circumcision / genital mutilation on Wikipedia

Reading article after article on genital mutilation and circumcision one thing appears striking – boys do not get mutilated, girls do.

That is to say both girls and boys undergo involuntary  permanent amputations of parts of their genitalia – often without anaesthesia – but when girls are subjected to these  incidents we call it assaults. Continue reading

Although disagreeing with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on male circumcision..

By Lena Nyhus / iQvixen

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an incredibly bright and brave woman who makes a true difference in the world and I thoroughly respect her work, but while I completely agree with her opinion on female genital mutilation (FGM) I reserve the right to disagree with her stance on male genital mutilation aka circumcision.

Following the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation to allow a nick in the clitoris as a symbolic alternative to more intrusive female genital mutilation rituals (the lesser of two evils argument) Ayaan Hirsi Ali voiced a strong counter argument; allowing any ritual even a nick – which is still genital mutilation by the way – is sending a signal that we as a society accept the basic premise, that women are inferior beings with an evil sexuality that should be harnessed. Of course, any society that considers all humans created equal cannot accept such an attitude; as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has put it on a different occasion ‘Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice‘.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s response to AAPs FGM recommendations here

But as right and just Ali is on the stance against FGM, she is wrong – both factually and morally – when claiming that male genital mutilation is less invasive.


How foreskin functions

Cutting away the foreskin Continue reading

An intact body is a human right – oppose circumcision aka genital mutilation

Hey Kid, don't let them cut... Oppose circumcision - genital mutilation

Meme 01 Oppose circumcision – genital mutilation http://www.justasnip.wordpress.com


Hi guys


Allow me to present… Our very first meme. Tadaaaa!


Comments are welcome, I realise there’s room for improvement. And hopefully meme 02 will be even better than the this one. Because it is good, quite good, in my not at all humble and completely biased opinion.


– iQvixen




Co-moderator wanted

It is time to end genital mutilation (aka circumcision) worldwide, regardless of gender, cultural background or parents religion.

Just a Snip is part of a global movement and at the moment we are coordinating the efforts of intactivists from all around the world with that one common goal. Continue reading

Common misconceptions about genital mutilation (aka circumcision)

Yesterday I received a message from a friend on my new Facebook-page http://www.facebook.com/justasnip

Thanks for inviting me. Personally, my circumcision at birth (I was born in Canada where the procedure was routine) had never been a problem physically or psychological. However, I believe that a child has the right to an intact body, unless removing a part of it is medically necessary. Removing a boy’s foreskin is not medically necessary. If an adult male would like Continue reading

Consequences of genital mutilation (circumcision) corresponds to amputation of limbs

Neurologically speaking, the life-long sexual sensory deprivation which results from circumcision has a profound effect on the neural organization of the brain, similar to that found in any amputee: corresponding neurons associated with states of sexual and emotional ecstasy die, and adjacent neural regions grow chaotically into the dead zone. Furthermore, childhood victims of traumatic abuse tend to have a variety of brain abnormalities, reflecting a generalized rewiring of the brain to adapt to a hostile environment. The psychological impact of such Brain Damage is likely to be Far Reaching. Continue reading

‘Nourishing Our Children’ – have chosen to do a piece on circumcision. It’s great. Notice the comments. Very insightful and interesting.

Nourishing Our Children


Sandrine’s Introduction

I am in a weekly Nonviolent Communication practice group with Mark, our guest author, and offered to have him share his experience of circumcision on our blog. This is a topic we haven’t discussed in our community yet, and I anticipate it may be controversial. I was raised in a Jewish home, and my brothers were all circumcised.  My father was a Urologist and beyond our Jewish tradition, I think the predominant belief in those days was that it was simply more sanitary to circumcise. I don’t think my parents ever considered the alternative, which would be to leave my brother’s penises intact. We also never considered whether or not margarine would nourish us – we simply ate margarine instead of butter because that was the standard recommendation of the time. Since Nourishing Our Children is all about reconsidering the standard recommendations we are given, I wanted to…

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Just a Snip - against genital mutilation aka circumcision

By Lena Nyhus
Published in The Jerusalem Post

See the original piece here

To many Danes the case is simple; any man or woman may do with their own bodies what they see fit, but no one should be allowed to make decisions about non-medically warranted procedures on behalf of anybody else.

In the article “Assault on Jewish customs in Scandinavia,” which appeared in The Jerusalem Post on October 8, Magnus Frank paints a bleak and unfortunately rather biased picture of the current debate regarding the circumcision of un-consenting boys in Denmark.I find it imperative to present the Israeli public with a broader view on the debate than the one offered by Frank. Persecution of minorities, i.e. anti-Semitism, is a very serious issue and an offence that the authorities in Denmark take a very strong view on indeed, which Magnus Frank probably knows very well. I am also sure…

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Support INTACT AMERICAs yearly fundraising campaign

Intact Americas yearly fundraising campaign

Intact Americas yearly fundraising campaign

Intact America is rocking their year-end fundraising campaign. Nearly 10,000 letters mailed out this week – plus 25,000+ emails. Please consider making a donation. No amount is too small, and every dollar counts, as they say. What could be a worthier cause than protecting babies from violence and unnecessary surgery on Day One of their precious lives on earth? Also, if you haven’t “liked” their Facebook page, please check it out – Intact America. THANK YOU ALL. And peace on earth…. www.intactamerica.org

Frankly speaking – circumcision and foreskin restoration

The other day I received a mail from Frank, I’ll let his words speak for themselves…

Hello IQvixen,

I am submitting this photo with my circumcised penis done artfully that too celebrates my restorative powers. Hope you like it. Hope its something you can use. You can use the photo however you wish, as long as you credit 1000BodiesProject.com. It doesn’t matter to me if my name is used. I’m not promoting myself, but I do promote Bay Area Intactivists. So thank you if you should mention BAI (Bay Area Intactivists). At our BAI info booth Castro and Folsom street fairs in San Francisco, I have shown my in-progress foreskin restoration to the interested public. It’s fun and rewarding to see jaws drop in amazement upon seeing half my glans covered with grown skin. Then I pull back to show the marked improvement Continue reading

Boys inferiour to Girls under Danish Legislation

Ironic, isn’t it? That we in the West have been working so hard for decades to achieve equal rights for our girls and women (and we’re closing in on that goal now), yet we appear deaf, dumb and blind to the plight of boys who are exposed to male genital mutilation.

In Denmark we pride ourselves on being voted the happiest people on the planet, on being one of the safest countries to live in, on respecting human rights – of course – and we take pride in our children.

Child labour is illegal, spanking is strictly forbidden and naturally female genital mutilation is considered an abomination and has been prohibited since 2003 (France outlawed it already back in 1979, but let’s not get carried away. Better late than never, right?).

Then there’s the boys. Their genitals get mutilated too. We just call it circumcision and excuse Continue reading

WANTED! Danish atheist photographer

457 unique visitors from 22 countries in just 6 days . My blog is taking off flying. By I’m far from satisfied. I want to bring attention to atheism and anti-genital mutilation. And I want you to help me. There’s no money in it for either of us. All I can promise you is that your name will be exposed together with the pictures. 60% of my users are Danish and at the moment my site is growing by a rate of +200% every day. Maybe this could be a good deal for you as well as good cause.

Contact me on justasnip@hotmail.com and let’s be creative.


Age Restrict Circumcision in Germany

Sign the petition to German Chancellor Sabine Leuhtheusser-Schnarrenberger here.


Would you cut the nipple off your child?

Of course you wouldn’t cut the nipple off you child and I dare say you wouldn’t find many parents anywhere on earth who would allow anyone to cut off their children’s nipples for no apparent reason at all. Why would they? It would be barbaric, wouldn’t it?

But still, world wide a vast number of parents decide to have their children’s genitals mutilated. What is it that makes it acceptable for parents to allow someone to cut off foreskin or labia or perhaps the clitoris on perfectly healthy baby or child?

I simply fail to comprehend the logic. I just cannot for the life of me understand why some parents would choose this for their children.

I understand that Continue reading

German Paediatric Association suggests Ban on Circumcision of Boys

In early December 2012 The German Paediatric Association took a massive leap forward in the defence of children subjected to genital mutilation.

Based on comprehensive studies into amongst others circumcision procedures, pain thresholds in infants and children as well as possible physical and psychological consequences of the procedure the German Paediatric Association (Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte e.V.) recommended a ban on circumcision of boys.

Referring to studies by numerous specialists their conclusion was clear Continue reading

Circumcision Tantamount to Bodily Harm

by Lena Nyhus / iQvixen

It's boy

Screenshot from ‘It’s a Boy’ a documentary by Victor Schönfeld available for download on http://www.realeyz.tv/de/its-a-boy.html

Circumcision Tantamount to Bodily Harm a local Cologne (Köln) court ruled in May 2012. The ruling enraged Jewish and Muslim communities all over Germany and provoked an intense debate on the issue reaching as far up as parliament, which is currently debating legislative action.

The dilemma faced by the legislative body and the public alike is how to balance considerations concerning the child’s rights as well as respecting religious minorities and avoiding notions of discrimination.

With one part claiming parental and religious privileges and the other citing the child’s right to protection from abuse and bodily harm the borders are sharply drawn at the best of times and voices of the debate shrill, but at this point neither part of the conflict seem confident that their particular point of view will conquer.

In the middle of this tense atmosphere award-winning Jewish filmmaker Victor Schönfeld presents ‘It’s a boy’ a documentary on infant circumcision – botched infant circumcision. Reportedly Professor Dr. iur. Reinhard Merkel, member of the German Ethics Council has called for members of the Bundestag to view the film before they legislate on a general permission for non-medical circumcisions of young boys, naming it a “noble obligation”.

‘Can You Give Me Back My Foreskin?’ Leo Milgrom asked…

by Lena Nyhus / iQvixen

‘Can you give me back my foreskin?’ Temp Teacher and former member of the Danish Mosaic Community Leo Milgrom asked Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner in an open letter published in Politiken 07/28/2012.

Read more here (Article in Danish: Kan du give mig min forhud tilbage?)

In an insightful piece Milgrom shared his thoughts on the Jewish culture that had fostered a tradition of circumcision citing scripture on several occasions to expose some of the many commandments that the Jewish community of today have already abandoned.

A modern human being must be able to explore and discuss the culture, traditions and rituals which it is part of, but unfortunately some parts of the Jewish community seem unable to partake in such a debate, he claims. Surely, the time has come to question and abandon and ancient and cruel ritual that leaves children traumatised.

Chief Rabbi has circumcised more than 1.000 infant boys over the years according to his own records and he is the religious head of the Jewish community in Denmark. In that capacity Milgrom asks for answers on behalf of himself and perhaps to the benefit of some of the other boys Lexner circumcised over the years.

The intimate bond of trust between parents and child is irreversible severed during circumcision, substituting family with religion. Later in life, when the boy becomes a man, yet again the circumcision inhibits intimacy between the man and his sexual partner. Between them will always be a third party; religion.

Milgrom’s mother cried during the circumcision, his father nearly fainted, they have confided to him. His question to the Chief Rabbi is ‘Why didn’t the circumciser stop to ask what was the matter?… Did he at any time think: I wonder what this little boy thinks about what I’m doing to him? Do these contemplations not even enter your minds?’

To my knowledge Milgrom’s questions, as I have described them here, remain unanswered. Cheif Rabbi of Denmark Bent Lexner never replied.